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Atlanta, GA, April 10, 2023– Canstruction®, Inc announced today the six winners who received top  honors for the 30th Annual Canstruction International Design Competition. Administered by  Canstruction, Inc., the signature awards honor teams of artists, designers, students and engineers  chosen from cities around the world for excellence in design and craftsmanship in their respective  Canstruction categories.  

Despite the ongoing limits to the supply chain, this year more than 110 local winners from 15 cities  across the United States and Canada working in a broad range of industries and organizations were  considered. Each nominee was chosen by their local city panel of judges. This year’s international  winners and runner ups were chosen by a panel of industry professionals. After careful deliberation,  the panel selected five category winners and five runner ups for the built structures.  

The rich spectrum of artistic design highlights the strength of local artists, designers and engineers  who participate in the competition. The judges found the truly singular and innovative approaches of  the five award winners to be particularly compelling. Winners were selected based on originality,  design quality, innovation, nutritional elements, craftsmanship, technique, and structure meaning.  The total amount of food raised for the 2022 cycle was 178,742 pounds of food along with $155,495  (equivalent of 455,485 meals.) Winners and runner ups of the Canstruction International Competition  are listed below. 

Physical Built Structure Winners 

Best Original Design: DWL and Caruso Turley Scott, Phoenix, AZ. The Best Original Design Award  went to DWL and Caruso Turley Scott, and GCI General Contractors for “The Famished Gaze of  Medusa.” Our judges were drawn to “The Famished Gaze of Medusa” because of the massive size  of the structure, the many sides of the display and the elegant lines creating Medusa. Her facial  expression was especially enjoyable. Runner Up: “A Meal Fit for a King” by Microdesk, Inc., New  York, NY.  

Structural Ingenuity: Kirksey Architecture and Turner Construction, Houston, TX. Structural Ingenuity  was awarded to Kirksey Architecture and Turner Construction for “The Giving Tree: Give All You  CAN.” Judges described the structure as having “an amazing feat of ingenuity and creativity.” The  branches of the tree has some beautiful lines and display a nice effect” left the judges amazed.  Runner Up: “CANda Panda Make a Difference” by Disneyland Resort and FAM A & E, Orange  County, CA.  


Best Use of Labels: TUMC Youth Group, Fredericksburg, VA. “Building Blocks for Hope” was  awarded the Best Use of Labels as the structure utilized the labels’ wide spectrum of colors to create  the beautiful colors of the building blocks. Our judges were impressed with the simplicity of the  design, yet feature many colors depending on the side you are viewing. Runner Up: “We’re All Made  About Ending Hunger” by JRMA Architects & Engineers, Orange County, CA.  

Best Meal: PCL Construction Services, Orange County, CA. “EnCANto Casito.” PCL Construction  Services, Inc. in Orange County received the award of Best Meal. “EnCANto Casito” was comprised  of hundreds of cans of pork and beans, French cut green beans, whole chipotle pepper, garbanzo  beans, albacore tuna, chile con carne, shredded chicken breast, refried beans, hazelnut spread with  breadsticks, sloppy joe sauce, green split peas, pinto beans, cannellini and jalapeno beans, organic  tea, creating a healthy and balanced meal including the beverage. Judges were impressed not only  by the meal composition, but also by the sheer size of the structure, along with the variety of views  from each angle of the structure. Runner Up: “Bodega Cat” by Stantec, New York City.  

Most Cans: Carpenter’s Local 1256, Inn of the Good Shepherd, Sarnia, Ontario. “One CAN” was the  winner of the Most Cans award. “One CAN” was comprised of canned meat, vegetables, dry 

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noodles, applesauce, and prepackaged rice. The structure contained 15,792 cans and other food  items. Runner Up: “We CANCAN Help End Hunger”, Gensler + Clune + Taber, Orange County, CA  with 13,100 cans.  

Honorable Mention: “WaCANda Forever” by HOK, New York, NY was our Honorable Mention  winner. Jurors said “the choice of food/labels helped to bring the sense of remembrance to the  display.” The structure contained 5,484 cans, with the main ingredient being canned tuna.  

Virtual Design Competition  

In 2019, Canstruction added a virtual competition element during the pandemic. Instead of a  physical build, teams and individuals were given the option to fundraise and design/construct their  structures virtually. They submit plans and 3D renderings that will go on to compete internationally in  the following categories: Best Original Design, Most Cans, Best Use of Labels, and Best Meal.  

In 2022, we only had one city participate in our 2022 virtual design competition. We would like  to acknowledge the winning teams from the Cincinnati, Ohio competition:  

Most Cans: “Fantastic Foods & Where to Find Them” (4,827 Cans) by Champlin Architects,  Cincinnati, OH  

Best Design: “SunFlower Pavillion” by GBBN Architects, Cincinnati, OH  

Best Use of Labels: “Burrow’s Baby” by Turner Construction, Cincinnati, OH  Best Meal: “Let’s TACO ‘Bout Hunger” by MSA Design, Cincinnati, OH  

Link to winner photo images here: 


About Canstruction®  

Canstruction® is a non-profit organization in which teams of architects, engineers, construction firms  and students compete to create giant structures made entirely out of canned food. After the event all  food is donated to the local food bank. Canstruction was founded in 1992 by the Society for Design  Administrators and has since raised over 82 million pounds of food for local communities around the  world. Canstruction is one of the largest internationally recognized food drives of its kind.