Canstruction Houston

2021 Awards Announcement

Congratulations to our 2021 Canstruction Houston award winners!

Thank you to our amazing judges for your hard work. You can learn more about our 2021 judges by visiting the link below. 

Best Structural Ingenuity


Bob The Gummy Bear

Number of Cans Used: 4,200

Best USe of Labels

Ziegler Cooper Architects

Toucan Sam

Number of Cans Used: 2,760

most cans

Best Meal

People's Choice award

Bridgeland High School/ VLK Architects

Goodnight Hunger

Number of Cans Used: 6,910

Best original design

Cobb Fendley & Associates

Rainbow Fish

Number of Cans Used: 3,430

honorable mention

heights venture

Strike Out Hunger

Number of Cans Used: 6,708