Who can enter

All Architects, Engineers and Construction Professionals are eligible to head up the build teams. Each team has 6 official members that build the can-sculpture. 

Entry Fee

The entry fee is $150.00 and covers team t-shirts, breakfast and lunch for the official team members, and the awards ceremony.

How do we get cans?

Cans can be donated or bought from area stores and distributors. Each team is responsible for providing and transporting its own cans to their assigned build area. Teams can solicit donations and sponsorship from other firms and businesses.
Some options you may want to consider are: your local supermarket or food stores, courier services, etc.

We're too small!

Canstruction does take time and effort. We suggest contacting other small firms or your engineers to see if they would be willing to team up. We've had many such partnerships! 

Are you tax exempt?

Yes. As a charity organization, all of our sponsors (team and event) will receive recognition of their donations to the event which can then be applied to their taxes. Also, SDA Canstruction Houston is exempt from state and local sales tax (forms are available) which can help teams buy the supplies for their structures.

Rule Highlights

Here are some highlights from the event rules. Please review the complete rules!

  • Structure Size. Can-sculpture can be maximum 10x10x8 depending upon build space.
  • Team Size. Official team size is 6. Only 5 can be building the structure at a time.
  • Labels must remain intact, unaltered, and uncovered.
  • HFB cannot take any cans that have been damaged. Please be careful when you stack, store, and transport your cans.
  • No glass of any sort in any way
  • No pet food
  • Nothing with alcohol, even cooking wine
  • Nothing that has been opened or exposed.
  • Props, boxes, and bags are discouraged but will not necessarily disqualify the team. Judges do take into account how the team design and used items and structures that are all cans are generally judged higher.
  • Structurally self-supporting. Leveling materials (masonite, plexi, cardboard, etc.) of a maximum of 1/4" can be used but they cannot be used to support the can-sculpture in any way - including on the inside. The judges do examine all of the can-sculptures very closely. The question to ask yourself is, "can this can-sculpture stand without the leveling materials?" Team can also use cardboard tubes for vertical guides.
  • Clear tape, velcro, wire, string, shrink wrap, rubber bands, etc. are permissable. Note:  Labels must not be removed or damaged.  Clear tape can be left on the label.  Again, the judges do take into account how much of these materials have been used in the design and execution of the structure.
  • Teams need to provide floor protection for their structure. Size is a minimum of 2' larger on each side than the structure itself. This is building requirement and no cans will be allowed on the bare floor.

Why be a Team?

If you are still thinking about participating as a team or if you need to motivate your firm to participate, try the following reasons to participate in Canstruction:

  • It's a fun charity event and we have air conditioning
  • Interns can get IDP credit and community service hours
  • Works as a tax write off
  • Free 1-year membership to SDA